Stephen Kisio

Originally from Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, Steve Kisio enlisted in the Air Force and worked as an air traffic controller through the Korean Conflict, Cold War, and Vietnam era.  He served in Okinawa and Da Nang.  In Da Nang he worked with a Vietnamese controller and had to watch him carefully.  He saw a lot of incidents and action, but prefers to focus on his pride of being an American and serving his country.  It’s emotional for him to remember how people treated the soldiers years ago when they first returned, but now many times he will hear “Thank you for your service” from fellow Americans and the pain from those earlier insults melts away.

The Vietnam Five from Veterans Breakfast Club on Vimeo.

Five close friends and veterans of the Vietnam era from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania share stories of their military experiences. Featuring Jack Clouds (Army), Jack Damaska (Army), Steve Kisio (Air Force), Barry Campbell (Army), Ken Thomas (Army). Recorded as part of the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Initiative at Carnegie Free Library, Beaver Falls, PA. Recorded June 19, 2013. Interviewer: Kevin Farkas.