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The Veterans Breakfast Club is all about veterans’ stories. Truth About War takes a deep dive into these stories to explore big questions facing our nation and our future: Should we bring back the draft? Were the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan worth the cost? Does the military handle racial divisions better than the civilian world? We’ll talk with some high-profile veterans as well as some lesser known people who’ve served on the frontlines of history. We’ll also call upon experts in various fields in order find what Truth About War we can uncover.


EPISODES 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ARE OUT NOW!


The Veterans Breakfast Club launched its Post-9/11 Veterans Storytelling Project in April 2016 to reach younger veterans who do not regularly attend weekday breakfast storytelling events. The goal of this project, generously supported by the Jefferson Regional Foundation and the Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation, is to provide Pittsburgh-area post-9/11 veterans opportunities to tell their stories—in their own words–so that other veterans, families, friends, and neighbors can be educated and inspired by them.

Some episodes may contain explicit language/subject matter.

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