The best way to get involved with the Veterans Breakfast Club is to attend our virtual events.


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The best way to participate in the Veterans Breakfast Club is to attend an event. You’ll be amazed at the stories you’ll hear and the people you’ll meet. As one young Navy veteran recently said, “if you’ve never been to a Veterans Breakfast Club event before, you might walk in for the first time and see a room full of strangers. They won’t remain strangers for long.”

Check out our calendar of events and attend any one you’d like.

If you want to help us further, we have plenty of opportunities. If you know any veterans, tell them about us. If you know a neighborhood or region we don’t currently serve, help us expand there. If you know a workplace where we might bring our programming, help us make that happen. If you know sponsors, put us in touch with them or sponsor an event yourself.


We have several other ways to serve the VBC and our veterans. Below are some specific volunteers roles that may be a good fit for you:

  • In-Home Visitor/Interviewer (must pass background check): Will visit homebound veterans and talk with them about their service. You may even conduct an interview, recording their stories for us to post and share.
  • Live Event Volunteer: We could always use another hand at our events, meeting and greeting veterans and other attendees, finding and making name badges, getting coffee, helping sponsors set up, gathering contact information and first-time attendees and do whatever else is needed before or during the program.
  • Veteran Mentor:This is a role for a veteran who has the time and experience necessary to mentor a veteran through the “Veterans Court” mentorship program. Veterans Court mentor training is separate from the VBC, but several people involved with the VBC, including Board President Ray Amelio is involved in mentor training. For more information, visit the Pennsylvania Judicial System website For more information, visit the Pennsylvania Judicial System website.
  • Event Emcee:Those with superior communication skills may choose to try to emcee a VBC event after training. Training usually involved shadowing an emcee through several events.
  • Driver (must pass background check): Some of our veterans and others would like to attend our events but need rides. If you are willing and able to help transport a veteran or their family, you can volunteer as a driver.
  • Newsletter Distributor: Our marketing is almost exclusively wordof-mouth and our newsletter distribution. If you are willing and able to distribute newsletters around western Pennsylvania, we could use your help!
  • Gala Volunteer: We could always use extra hands at our annual gala.
  • Digital media editor, producer, archivist: We have a great deal of digital media of veterans’ stories that needs to be edited, catalogued and tagged. We also could always use a hand capturing photos and good audio of our events. If you have these skills, consider helping out!

For current job openings, visit our careers page.


Donations to the Veterans Breakfast Club help us continue our storytelling mission.

As a nonprofit, we’re grateful for all donations, large and small.

You can donate through PayPal’s non-profit donation service by clicking the button below. You do not need a PayPal account to use this secure service.

The Veterans Breakfast Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible, and copies of our IRS determination letter and form 990 are available upon request.

You may also donate by mail. Please make check payable to “Veterans Breakfast Club” and send to:

Veterans Breakfast Club

200 Magnolia Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15228

You will receive a prompt thank you note along with a receipt.

For more information about how to donate, contact Lauren DelRicci

Phone: 412-623-9029