Dave Lotz

. . Dave Lots joined the Navy in 1964, while the Vietnam War was heating up.  As an avionics technician, he served as aircrew aboard WW II era P-2 Neptune anti-submarine aircraft. In summer of 2013, Debby Rampolla and director Paula Kelly of Whitehall Public Library contacted us about a group

Pete Longstreth

. . Pete Longstreth entered the US Navy in January 1945 and served abord the destroyers USS Rowan (DD-782) as a fireman and the USS Rogers (DD-876) as a deckhand which were part of General William Halsey’s fleet. Pete sailed as far as Tokyo Bay, Japan and Okinawa but traveled across

Charlie Lisica

. . Charlie Lisica entered the US Navy on August 13, 1943 and served as a sonar and radio operator aboard the destroyer escort USS Ahrens (DE-575).  He is proud to have spent 12 months in the Atlantic and 13 months in the Pacific without once getting seasick.  He left the

Henry Link

. . Henry Link took flying lessons as a teenager in the Great Depression near his home in the Banksville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  In 1941, he joined the navy and became a pilot, but instead of being sent into combat he was sent to Texas to train other navy air crews.

AJ Laus

. . AJ Laus entered the US Navy in May 1944 and served in the engine room aboard the attack transport USS Sanborn (APA-193) in the Pacific.  He left the Navy in 1947.

Alfred Krasnow

. . As a Jew serving in World War II, Alfred Krasnow of the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had no idea of the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. His take on Jewish prejudice was, “I’m a Jew. You don’t like that, lump it.” Alfred’s motives for joining the navy were

Peter Maurin

. . Peter J. Maurin entered the US Navy on June 30, 1942.  He was aboard a LST 313 that was sunk during the invasion of Sicily.  After returning to the United States, he redeployed to Europe and participated in the invasion of Normandy aboard a hospital ship. 97,

Greg Kobasa

. . Greg Kobasa Greg Kobasa volunteered for the Navy in 1968 and served in Vietnam as a Navy corpsman attached to the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force that patrolled in I Corps. Greg served as corpsman in a combined action platoon, which included both US Marines and South Vietnamese soldiers.

David Kennedy

. . David Kennedy David Kennedy entered the US Navy on February 19, 1944 after working in a shipyard in Ambridge, PA for 10 months. He served as an engineer aboard an LST in the Pacific and left the Navy on July 14, 1946. missing video/audio

Ed Kelly

. . Ed Kelly Ed Kelly was drafted into the Navy after completing his medical internship at Mercy Hospital in 1968.  He shipped to Vietnam and served as a field medical officer with the 3rd Marine Division, a job that required him to go out on patrols and order medivac

Tom Jones

. . Tom Jones During WWII Tom Jones was drafted into the Navy in 1944 and served as a part of the original crew of the USS Rankin (AKA-103), an amphibious cargo attack ship in the South Pacific.  His ship delivered cargo to many islands including Okinawa during the famed

Hartley Johnston

. . Hartley Johnston Hartley Johnston of Cheswick, Pennsylvania talks about his experiences as an electronics technician aboard a destroyer (USS Wiltsie DD 716) during the Korean War. 2013: Year of the Korean War Veteran The Department of Defense 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee, authorized in the 2011

George Jock

. . George Jock During WWII, George Jock and Robert McKnight of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania served aboard the Baltimore-class heavy cruiser, USS Pittsburgh (CA-72). The ship saw intense action in the South Pacific and participated in the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The Pittsburgh is most known for towing the

Bob Horne

. . Bob Horne Bob Horne entered the US Navy April 15, 1945 at just 17 years old. He served aboard the USS Luzon in the South Pacific. After serving in World War II, he went on to serve as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army. missing video/audio

Bob Hilinski

. . Bob Hilinski Bob Hilinski entered the US Navy in July 1943.  He served in the engine room aboard an amphibious landing craft and participated in the Normandy invasion; landing at Omaha Beach.  After leaving the Navy in 1945, he was called back to duty to serve in Korea. 

Herb Hatfield

. . Herb Hatfield Herb Hatfield entered the US Navy in December 1945 as a plank gunner, and member of the original crew, aboard the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) and served until 1947. missing video/audio Age 84, of Bloomfield, on Saturday, November 30, 2013. Beloved husband of 60

Bill Hannah

. . Bill Hannah Bill Hannah fought in the Philippines and South Pacific as a member of the US Navy. missing video/audio

Bob Guenther

. . Bob Guenther Bob Guenther entered the US Navy in September 1942. He served as a radio man aboard the USS Antwan, USS Monrovia, and HMS Alhstar Queen missing video/audio Age 92, on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, of Whitehall. Husband of 65 years to Helen Milkovich; father

Joe Goritz

. . Joe Goritz was called to duty in April 1943. He was a member of the US Navy Seabees in the South Pacific. missing video/audio

Herbert Goetz

. . Herbert J. Goetz grew up in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennslvania.  He was determined to join the Navy, and so he made up for his subpar eyesight by memorizing the eye charts required to enlist.  As one of the Navy’s early radar operators in the Pacific theatre during World War