Peter Zwieryznski

. . Peter Zwieryznski Sr. of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania spent nearly thirty years in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, the air force militia of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  “Every three years when my enlistment was up, I thought what the heck.  Might as well do another three years,” Pete says of

Paul Zolbrod

. . Paul G. Zolbrod of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania was shipped off to the Army during the heart of winter, 1953.  He was twenty, and like so many other young men during the 1950s, Mr. Zolbrod was drafted into a quietly raging military conflict on the Korean peninsula.  Some call it The Forgotten

Lew Weingard

. . At the tail end of the Korean War, Lew Weingard left Erie, Pennsylvania and wanted to fly planes in the Air Force.  But it was not meant to be.   So, after getting his commission from the enlisted ranks he was sent to post-war Japan and served with the 9th

Charles Torisky

. . Like many Korean War veterans, Mt. Lebanon’s Chuck Torisky is quiet about his service.  It was a long time ago when he was drafted into the Army for two years as a radio operator.  He was 21. When you’re young, Chuck reflects, guys think they’re bullet proof.  Invincible. Before

Lester Snyder

. . After his University of Pittsburgh ROTC unit was activated in 1943, Lester Snyder of Dormont, PA, found himself at Ft. Bragg, NC, undergoing artillery training.  But instead of being shipped overseas, Lester enrolled in the controversial Army Specialized Training Program, where he attended college classes six days a week.

Al Schimdt

. . Al Schimdt entered the US Navy in June 1951 and served aboard a submarine patrol plane as a mechanic in the Korean War and left the Navy in 1955.

Jim Scheder

. . Jim Scheder served his country from 1944 to 1946 in the United States Merchant Marine Service, and from 1946 to 1951 in the United States Army. Those seven years were an odyssey. As a Merchant Mariner, his first port-of-call was Iran via the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the

Ivan Sargent

. . Originally from Washington, Pennsylvania, Ivan J. Sargent was drafted into the Army during the Korean War.  He served with the well known, 3rd Infantry Division, 15th Infantry Regiment, Easy Company–an outfit dating back to the Civil War and formerly commanded by some of America’s greatest generals, including Dwight Eisenhower, George

Bernard Pular

. . Bernard Pular of Tionesta, Pennsylvania served in the Army during the Korean War.  On a routine mission one day he engaged the enemy—Koreans, Chinese—it didn’t matter.  They were trying to kill him, so he returned the gesture. That’s when “The Pollack”—as his men called him—was cut down by a

Bob Olsen

. . Bob Olsen was a marine engineer in the US Merchant Marine Service during World War II. Following the war, he served in the US Naval Reserve from 1945 until 1959

Anthony Marcione

. . Anthony “Dino” Marcione grew up among the steel mills and tough neighborhoods of West Aliquippa and Monaca, PA.   When the needs of the Korean War fell upon the Ohio Valley, he and many of his buddies were drafted into military service.  Dino was swept into the Army and landed

Don Maloney

. . Don Maloney grew up in New York City.  During WWII he was drafted into the army.  As the war in Europe was drawing to a conclusion in late 1944-1945, but certainly not over, Don was sent to France with other replacement troops.  He recalls watching the Germans surrender with

Hartley Johnston

. . Hartley Johnston Hartley Johnston of Cheswick, Pennsylvania talks about his experiences as an electronics technician aboard a destroyer (USS Wiltsie DD 716) during the Korean War. 2013: Year of the Korean War Veteran The Department of Defense 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee, authorized in the 2011

Bob Harbula

. . Bob Harbula Robert Harbula joined the Marines in 1950 and volunteered for combat duty after watching John Wayne starring in The Sands of Iwo Jima.  He wanted a war of his own.  After basic training, he became a member of G Company from the Third Marine Battalion, First

Jerry Gzesh

. . Jerry Gzesh Jacob “Jerry” Gzesh of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania served a short hitch in the army just after WWII.  Afterwards, in his first semester at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University), the army called him up to active duty and sent him to Korea in 1950. “What was I

Rudy Golling

. . During Rudy Golling’s long military career, he served first in the Army during WW II and then in the Air Force during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He retired from active duty in 1974, after thirty years of service.  Air Force work is often technical and highly skilled; Rudy’s

Fred Garrow

. . Fred Garrow During WWII, Fred Garrow, Jr. left his home in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and served as an infantryman in Europe with the 79th Division. He would spend a career in the army. He was twice sent to Korea during that war, but when the Vietnam War broke out

Paul Farkas

. . Paul Farkas T he day after he graduated high school in 1948, Paul Farkas reported for duty with the US Navy.  After a sweltering hot summer boot camp at Great Lakes, IL, he trained extensively in Millington, TN to be an aviation mechanic.  From there, Airman Farkas arrived

Paul Eibeck

. . Paul Eibeck Paul Eibeck served in the Army during the Korean War. missing video/audio 2013: Year of the Korean War Veteran The Department of Defense 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee, authorized in the 2011 Defense Authorization Bill, is dedicated to thanking and honoring all

Virginia Eberharter

. . Virginia Eberharter Long before World War II caught the attention of the United States, Virginia M. Eberharter of Connellsville, PA wanted to be a nurse; she wanted to be of service to people in need.  It was such a determined decision for a young high school freshman, but