Tom Jones

During WWII Tom Jones was drafted into the Navy in 1944 and served as a part of the original crew of the USS Rankin (AKA-103), an amphibious cargo attack ship in the South Pacific.  His ship delivered cargo to many islands including Okinawa during the famed battle for control over the island.  Tom said his ship somehow avoided all of the kamikaze pilots that tried to attack the Rankin in the battle.  He was rated a fireman first class, working as a water tender in the engine room until his service ended in 1946.

On March 31, 2015, we filmed our 5th episode of Veterans and Their Stories at MCA-TV in Moon Township, Pennsylvania.  On this day, Tom Jones (Navy) and Don Maloney (Army) joined us to share their stories of serving in the military.

Veterans and Their Stories is a production of Moon Township Community Access Television.   The talk show features interviews with veterans from Moon Township and surrounding communities.  Veterans and Their Stories is hosted by Moon Township resident Beth Feather, who is also the MCA-TV community producer for this program.  This program is co-produced with the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative, in partnership with the Veterans Breakfast Club.