Art Ihrig

. . Art Ihrig missing image Art Ihrig served with the US Army during WWII. missing audio/video

Frank Hynds

. . Francis “Frank” Hynds was born in The Bronx, New York City. By his own admission, Frank wasn’t a very good student but he was smart enough to know that joining the Coast Guard in the 1950s would be a good job for a kid looking for his start in

Robert Hurt

. . Robert Hurt Bob Hurt’s administrative career in the Army Air Corp started as a result of returning home late from a night out during basic training at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana.  As required, he was standing in line to receive the wrath of the 1st

John Hunter

. . John Hunter John Hunter entered the US Army in March 1943 and went to infantry basic training before transferring into the signal corps to work as a radio repairman. He spent 9 months in Europe and left the Army in November 1945. missing video/audio Listen to

Vicki Hoysan

. . Vicki Hoysan was a young woman during World War II working in downtown Pittsburgh.  After the war, she met her husband, Peter Hoysan, a wounded veteran of 79th Infantry Division.  Peter and Vicki attended our Veterans breakfast Club events together until Peter passed away in 2011.  Then, Vicki came

Bill Hosking

. . Bill Hosking remembers a woman coming to their house and telling his family that Pearl Harbor had been bombed and he didn’t even know where Pearl Harbor was on the map.  Never heard of it!  How soon the Bill and the rest of the United States would learn about

Henry Hoffstot

. . Henry Hoffstot Henry Hoffstot went to Harvard and when he was drafted into the Army in December 1942 and joined the 44th Infantry Division as an infantryman.  He later entered the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP), and then he was sent to Lincoln, Nebraska for several months to study

Bob Horne

. . Bob Horne Bob Horne entered the US Navy April 15, 1945 at just 17 years old. He served aboard the USS Luzon in the South Pacific. After serving in World War II, he went on to serve as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army. missing video/audio

George Herwig

. . George Herwig George Herwig joined the Coast Guard in 1942 because the recruiting line was shortest.  He served on a supply ship serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific.  “We were in the Coast Guard, assigned to a Navy ship, and serving under the Army.  The result was,

Russ Henderson

. . Russ Henderson Russ Henderson was born in England, but he grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. At 99, Russ can still vividly recall his time serving in US Army during WWII. He was drafted in May 1941 and served five years, first as an enlisted soldier and then an

Leonard Heisey

. . Leonard Heisey Leonard Heisey served with the US Army Air Corps during WWII. missing video/audio Leonard C. Heisey, 89, of Providence Point, formerly Mt. Lebanon, went to be with the Lord Sunday, June 29, 2014. Leonard was born Aug. 15, 1924, in Austin, Minn., to the late

Bob Hilinski

. . Bob Hilinski Bob Hilinski entered the US Navy in July 1943.  He served in the engine room aboard an amphibious landing craft and participated in the Normandy invasion; landing at Omaha Beach.  After leaving the Navy in 1945, he was called back to duty to serve in Korea. 

John Hawes

. . John Hawes John Hawes served as an Army sniper in Afghanistan.  In 2006, while on patrol high in the mountains, John’s unit became pinned down by Taliban fire.  The bloody ordeal, chronicled in the book, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, led to the death of

George Haught

. . George Haught George Haught of Monaca, Pennsylvania served with the US Marines during the Vietnam War. He was one of the few marines to endure the entire Battle of Huế City in 1968--one of the bloodiest and longest battles of the Vietnam War. George shares his story with

Herb Hatfield

. . Herb Hatfield Herb Hatfield entered the US Navy in December 1945 as a plank gunner, and member of the original crew, aboard the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) and served until 1947. missing video/audio Age 84, of Bloomfield, on Saturday, November 30, 2013. Beloved husband of 60

Sam Harper

. . Sam Harper In June 1941, after his mother died and he graduated from high school, Sam Harper joined the Marine Corps.  A recruiter told him he would get an education at the Marines’ engineer school.  “It was the first time the Marines lied to me, but it wasn’t

Michael Haritan

. . Michael Haritan Michael Haritan was a Dogface soldier during WW II.  He was only 20 years old when he went into the Army, serving with the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division from January 14, 1943 to December 11, 1945.  Landing in North Africa, he slogged up the Italian peninsula

Bob Harbula

. . Bob Harbula Robert Harbula joined the Marines in 1950 and volunteered for combat duty after watching John Wayne starring in The Sands of Iwo Jima.  He wanted a war of his own.  After basic training, he became a member of G Company from the Third Marine Battalion, First

Bill Hannah

. . Bill Hannah Bill Hannah fought in the Philippines and South Pacific as a member of the US Navy. missing video/audio

Paul Hanna

. . Paul Hanna Paul Hanna grew up in West Newton, a small town fed by the Youghiogheny River some twenty-five miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The Hanna family was large and close.  Patriotic.  The Hanna’s contribution to the war effort was unselfish; four sons served simultaneously.  Moe the oldest flew