Chuck Froetschel

. . People tend to think of the Vietnam War as a ground and air war—jungle skirmishes, napalm, villages aflame, rice patty strafing.  But the navy’s surface fleet played a significant role in the war effort as well. Some sailors served in the demure but omnipresent “brown water navy,” patrolling the

Thomas Franus

. . Thomas Franus Thomas Franus of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania was almost out of the Army.  One month to go and he’d be home for Christmas 1963, closing out an exhausting tour of duty with the Army’s elite Honor Guard in Washington DC.  One month on an easy down slope.

Charlie Frank

. . Charlie Frank Charlie Frank, Sr. of Rochester, Pennsylvania was drafted in late 1942, picking up the 94th Infantry in Kansas for a year of training.  He finally came ashore in Europe D+94 at Omaha Beach, “still littered with helmets and rifles.”  Charlie and The Pilgrim Division would then endure more

John Francis

. . John Francis John Francis of Blairsville, Pennsylvania was an engineering student at Penn State during WWII. Sign up to join the army now, an ROTC commander urged him, and he’d get some credit for his schooling before being drafted. It seemed like a deal. After basic and artillery

Reid Feather

. . Reid Feather During WWII, Reid Feather of Moon Township, Pennsylvania served as a Navy sonarman aboard PC-1265, a new anti-submarine patrol ship that worked the Eastern seaboard from the Caribbean to Canada.  Upon entering the service, Reid trained in Great Lakes, Illinois and then shipped to Key West,

Edward Ernst

. . Ed Ernst US Senator Howard Baker, Secretary of State Warren Christopher, actor Jackie Cooper, talk show host Johnny Carson, and Ed Ernst were among the select men who entered military service through the Navy’s prestigious college to commission program called “V-12.”  Ed officially entered the Navy in 1943,

Rick Erisman

. . Rick Erisman Rick Erisman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania joined the navy, serving as a radioman from 1969 to 1973. As to why he enlisted in the service after graduating college in North Carolina he admits, “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I did want to

Virginia Eberharter

. . Virginia Eberharter Long before World War II caught the attention of the United States, Virginia M. Eberharter of Connellsville, PA wanted to be a nurse; she wanted to be of service to people in need.  It was such a determined decision for a young high school freshman, but

Alex Dyga

. . Alex Dyga of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a Pearl Harbor survivor.  He joined the Army just months prior to the Japanese attack on the Islands.  When the attack came, Alex was stationed on Hawaii as a “mule skinner.” He would serve the entire war on Hawaii.  At 92, Alex is

Bill Duffy

. . Bill Duffy Bill Duffy was an army war correspondent during WWII. He covered war crimes trials in Manila. Bill Duffy - WWII | VBC Full Stories from Veterans Breakfast Club on Vimeo.

Barbara Duffy

. . Barbara Duffy Barbara Duffy served as a lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II.  She had hardly ever ventured more than 50 miles from her home in Beverly, Mass., but in 1943, she shipped around the world to the Pacific to tend to the wounded

Pat Doherty

. . Pat Doherty Pat Doherty was a singer and dancer in the USO from October 1946 until May 1947. She traveled to China, Japan, Far East, and South Pacific to entertain US troops serving abroad. missing video Stories from the Veterans Breakfast Club Pat Branigan-Doherty: USO Shows

Anthony DeSalle

. . Anthony DeSalle Anthony DeSalle of Beaver Falls, PA served aboard the USS Teton (AGC-14) during WW II.  He was an able bodied Seaman, manning the rails, swabbing decks, pulling lines, working the gun stations during combat, and doing just about whatever job was sent his way to keep

Al DeFazio

. . Al DeFazio Al DeFazio was drafted into the US Army in February 1943 where he served with the 36th Infantry Division.  He fought in Africa and Italy as an infantryman and was wounded in combat, earning himself a Bronze Star before leaving the Army in 1946. missing

Jack Damaska

. . Jack Damaska Jack Damaska is originally from Missouri, but he grew up in Beaver Falls, PA.  As a professional baseball player, Jack credits the Cardinals with getting him into military service.  He was asked if he wanted to go in the reserves.  He went with the combat engineers

Bob Daley

. . Bob Daley Bob Daley was sixteen years old when he learned that his brother had been taken prisoner by the Japanese on the Bataan Peninsula.  Too young to enlist, Bob falsified his birth certificate and joined the Marines. At seventeen, he landed with the 4th Marine Division on Saipan.

Fran Culotta

. . Fran Culotta served as a combat infantry officer with the Army’s 36th Division in Italy during WWII. missing video/audio 6 decades later, French say ‘merci’: Four local veterans receive Legion of Honor for service during World War II WWII vets share war memories Francis Culotta, age

Albert Crawford

. . Albert Crawford On December 7, 1941, 17-year-old Al Crawford asked his father if he could join the Navy.  His father’s response was swift: “One less mouth to feed.”  Those five words launched Al’s long military career. In WWII, Al served on the USS Swivel (ARS-36), which saw duty

Lee Corfield

. . Lee Corfield When Lee Corfield graduated from high school in 1967, the Vietnam War was heating up and the military needed young men.  So Lee wondered when the draft would catch up to him.  It was a matter of time before we was ordered into the Army or

Lewis Cooke

. . Lewis Cooke Lewis Cooke of Tionesta, Pennsylvania grew up in Rhode Island.  As a young man he was a merchant mariner, but in the mid 60s he was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. “That year in Vietnam was the worst of my life,” he says