Howard Pfeifer

. . Howard Pfeifer had never heard of the Merchant Marines when a cousin in the Navy advised him to join in 1943.  “You know you’re going to be drafted, and you’ll go wherever they need you,” he said.  But, in the Merchant Marines, Howard could call his own shots.  Eager

Frank Hynds

. . Francis “Frank” Hynds was born in The Bronx, New York City. By his own admission, Frank wasn’t a very good student but he was smart enough to know that joining the Coast Guard in the 1950s would be a good job for a kid looking for his start in

Ray Driscoll

. . Ray Driscoll Ray Driscoll entered the US Merchant Marines in July 1943.  He served as a helmsman in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. missing video/audio

Gerard Driscoll

. . Gerard Driscoll During World War II, Gerard Driscoll tried to join the navy when he was sixteen. His effort to join was thwarted when the recruiter discovered that Gerard had changed the date on his birth certificate. Undaunted in his efforts to be at sea during the war,