Harry Kirsch

. . Harry Kirsch Harry Kirsch served with the Marine Corps during WWII. missing video/audio

George Haught

. . George Haught George Haught of Monaca, Pennsylvania served with the US Marines during the Vietnam War. He was one of the few marines to endure the entire Battle of Huế City in 1968--one of the bloodiest and longest battles of the Vietnam War. George shares his story with

Sam Harper

. . Sam Harper In June 1941, after his mother died and he graduated from high school, Sam Harper joined the Marine Corps.  A recruiter told him he would get an education at the Marines’ engineer school.  “It was the first time the Marines lied to me, but it wasn’t

Bob Harbula

. . Bob Harbula Robert Harbula joined the Marines in 1950 and volunteered for combat duty after watching John Wayne starring in The Sands of Iwo Jima.  He wanted a war of his own.  After basic training, he became a member of G Company from the Third Marine Battalion, First

Leonard Hammonds II

. . Leonard Hammonds II Leonard Hammonds followed a long and proud family tradition of military service by serving in the Marine Corps from 1997 to 2005 in MP Co. B, HQ Service Bn., 4th Force Service Support Group. That experience infused Leonard with a deep commitment to service,

Bob Daley

. . Bob Daley Bob Daley was sixteen years old when he learned that his brother had been taken prisoner by the Japanese on the Bataan Peninsula.  Too young to enlist, Bob falsified his birth certificate and joined the Marines. At seventeen, he landed with the 4th Marine Division on Saipan.

Joseph Cirelli

. . Joseph Cirelli Reading was very important to Joe Cirelli while growing up in the 1950s.  While America launched into the Cold War, and he took a special interest in military history.   He had an uncle who served in the Korean War, and he was impressed with the

Manuel Carvahlo

. . Manuel Carvahlo Manuel Carvahlo joined the Marines out of high school in 1962 when his parents moved back to Portugal.  He was eventually assigned to the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, which contained the very first US troops authorized for offensive operations in Vietnam.  They landed at Da Nang

Francis Burket

. . Francis Burket A couple of days after he came home from the war, Francis X. Burket was back at this old job in retail lumber.  A couple of years earlier he was grinding wood chips into sawdust to support his wife and newborn.  By the time he retired 47

Dan Bonner

. . Dan Bonner Dan Bonner joined Marines out of high school in 1965.  After basic training he was assigned to the 5th Marine Division, 28th regiment.   He arrived in Vietnam June 1966 and served there until February 1968, completing two tours of duty in-country.  His second tour ended with

Dave Barker

. . Dave Barker Dave Barker was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Orange County. He volunteered for the Marines in 1964 and served with the 7thEngineer Battalion in Vietnam. When he was sent to Vietnam in August 1965, he had no idea where he was going.

John Barber

. . John Barber John Barber came home from Vietnam after two tours of intense jungle combat.  Sometimes during those search and destroy missions, most of the guys in his unit never made it back—at least in one piece.  Why he survived the odds is hard to understand, he ponders.