Stephen Kisio

. . Stephen Kisio Originally from Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, Steve Kisio enlisted in the Air Force and worked as an air traffic controller through the Korean Conflict, Cold War, and Vietnam era.  He served in Okinawa and Da Nang.  In Da Nang he worked with a Vietnamese controller and had to

Don Johnson

. . Don Johnson Don Johnson, a second generation veteran, joined the Coast Guard on August 4, 1964, the same day President Lyndon B. Johnson announced that the USS Maddox had been fired on in the Gulf of Tonkin.  Don was sent to Vietnam in 1967 and was stationed off

Gerald Goslak

. . Gerald Goslak Gerald Goslak joined the Army at the old age of 22 and was promptly sent with his armored unit to a Cold War post near Munich, Germany.  While there, he stood guard duty at an Army stockade which was once Dachau, the notorious death camp used

Larry Googins

. . Larry Googins Larry Googins is a native of Portland, Maine, raised by his widowed mother and grandmother.  As a kid, his family avidly followed the Korean War through radio reports.  A decade later, news about Vietnam came by way of black and white television.  “When I went to

Rudy Golling

. . During Rudy Golling’s long military career, he served first in the Army during WW II and then in the Air Force during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He retired from active duty in 1974, after thirty years of service.  Air Force work is often technical and highly skilled; Rudy’s

Thomas Franus

. . Thomas Franus Thomas Franus of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania was almost out of the Army.  One month to go and he’d be home for Christmas 1963, closing out an exhausting tour of duty with the Army’s elite Honor Guard in Washington DC.  One month on an easy down slope.

Kevin Farkas

. . Kevin Farkas During the Cold War, which officially lasted between 1945-1991, Kevin Farkas served as an avionics technician in the US Navy from 1983-1987.  He was attached to an F-14 squadron (VF-74, “The Bedevilers”) that deployed with the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV 60). “When people ask me

Rick Erisman

. . Rick Erisman Rick Erisman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania joined the navy, serving as a radioman from 1969 to 1973. As to why he enlisted in the service after graduating college in North Carolina he admits, “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I did want to

Rosetta Burke

. . Rosetta Burke After 220 years, the New York Army National Guard promoted its first female general—Pittsburgh native Rosetta Y. Burke.  But Rosetta didn’t start her military career in 1962 as a soldier.  After training at the Harlem School of Nursing (in New York City), she entered the Army